Valentino on Sale!

Y'all!!! These are the best deals on designer bags I have seen in a long time! Get your designer staple while its available!

Black Jupiter Chain Wallet

This gorgeous purse is 56% off Right now!! Super cute and goes with literally everything! Only 129.99!

Nude Ajah Chain Wallet

This is similar to the first post except in the companies rose color and the V logo is more prominent. I love this, so classy so cute. 57% off! Only 149.99!!

Black Wallet

This Wallet is 57% off! The studs are so cute! My new Valentino has studs and I am obsessed with this trend! Priced at: 149.99!

Staple Bags: These are the best!!! They are 62% off and priced at $249.99! Killer sale and this is honestly the best bag!!

Black White Rose Caramel

Quilted Purse

I am actually obsessed with this one!!! Love the quilted purse style! These are so in and literally it can go with basically any outfit!!! This is the most expensive one I included, but it is 59% off!!!! It is priced at: 399.99.

Link for all Valentino on Sale: Valentino Sale!

Treat yourself to a great deal on a designer bag!

XOXO, Lauren

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