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The Best Holiday Sweatshirts 2020

Y'all, I am obsessed with cute holiday themed sweaters! These are my top pics from Etsy. I would absolutely buy ALL of these if I could afford it. Please order yourself one and let me live vicariously through you! Here is a link to browse all Christmas Sweatshirts!

  1. Christmas Sweater #1 $26.95 This design is so so cute and perfect with lounge wear, jeans, etc!

2. The second Christmas sweater I'm linking is simple but so cute. You could pair this one with a skirt or honestly most any bottom! $24 Merry & Bright Crew

3. This adorable Hallmark watching sweatshirt is a need for me. I love staying cozy and watching a Christmas movie! $22.95 Hallmark Crew

4. Merry & Bright with a cute curling font! This one I love, so cute and girly! $26 (on sale)

5. Farm Fresh Crew! This one is so different than any of the others. It gives me small town /local vibes and I love that. $23

6. Christmas Tree Crew! This one looks so classic and is absolutely adorable. $25

7. This simplistic Christmas tree crew is also adorable. I am obsessed with all of these and wish I could buy them all! Simple Tree Crew

8. This plaid/Cheetah Christmas tree design is so cozy and cute! This one is $18! Plaid Christmas Crew

9. This light pink sweatshirt with the most aesthetically pleasing tree design is only $27 (On Sale Now)

10. Lastly, (and my absolute favorite) is this super cute tan Christmas crew ! Priced at : $27

Enjoy! So happy to wear all things Christmas!



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