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Hello! I am so glad you're here!

It has been on my heart for a while that I want to share my helpful life tips in relation to all things style. This past May, I graduated from East Carolina University with my B.A. in Music Performance. I am currently a student at UNC at Chapel Hill working to attain my Master's in Accounting with the goal of being a CEO/CFO in the future. I have a love for marketing, social media, and fashion! I am here to share with you all the hints you need to be successful on social media and regular life. As a pageant veteran; I have lots of experience with hair, makeup, tanning, and more. So if you want beauty secrets: this is the Blog for you! I will also be covering fashion trends, sharing deals/sales/affordable finds. My life is messy and filled with lots of passions and loves- so it only makes sense that my blog would be too! So get ready for diverse posts to help you keep your lifestyle fun, trendy, and full of style.

A big part of my life is community service. I am a strong believer that we were all put here for a purpose and we should all be tasked with putting good back into the world. I look forward to expanding on this in future posts. I have a Christ driven passion for service and I am hopeful that along with all the glamorous topics, philanthropy can be incorporated into my page.

Cheers to growing together, learning, and being trendy! I hope you follow along so we can #StyleUpWithLauren

XOXO, Lauren

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