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Bartaco Review: Raleigh, NC

I decided to add a section to my blog! As a new Raleigh Blogger, I wanted to add something else that was specifically related to Raleigh (along with local fashion of course!). I love the North Hills Area and I have decided to add a new section on North Hills Restaurants. Like many, I have my favorite places here, but I am going to expand on my horizons. Try new places, new meals, and let everyone know what I think! So excited for this series! Enjoy!

Bartaco has an awesome vibe. It is perfect for a chill date, family dinner, or drinks with the girls. The relaxed scene makes it perfect for a wide variety of occasions.

Obviously, like the name says, they offer tacos and other related food. We started off out meal with their guac + roja + verde for $11. So this comes with large hard chips, a sweet red salsa, a slightly spicy green salsa, and a guac. I really liked the green salsa, but honestly wasn't a fan of the sweet red one. We devoured the the green salsa and guac and left a majority of the sweet salsa. So that is definitely more of a preference thing, but next time I would rather get a verde salsa and guac.

If you have never been to bar taco, it is important to note that the tacos are small. I could easily east 3 all by myself. We tried three tacos and all three had a super great flavor and texture. That being said, the glazed pork belly taco out shined the other two. The baja fish taco and the mojo pork carnitas were both good as well, but lacked something. If you're going to pay a couple of dollars for a tiny taco you want it to be really good.

We also tried their house margarita which i loved. It obviously had fresh juice in it and was not mix based. I much preferred this to your average margarita made with a mix! I excited to go back and try the Paloma Fresca!

Stay tuned, as I eat my way across North Hills! I can't wait to share what I find with all of you!

XOXO, Lauren

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