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Amazon Prime Fashion and Beauty picks!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I wasn't going to post today, but I decided since it is Amazon Prime day, I would be the worst fashion blogger if I didn't share my fashion finds! To start: The hats we love, but weren't ready for. I love a wide brim hat now- but a few years back I NEVER would have put one on. Naturally, I was always more shy and a fashion statement like this is bold and scary! Luckily, I am past that now and rock this fall/winter look as much as I want! Click the photo or the link to purchase! ONLY $13.59. YES, you heard right less than 14 dollars!!

Link: Black hat with cheetah belt

Next, this head band set that I love. I have already ordered it because I am obsessed!! Today, it is only $10.99. Meaning less than 2 dollars per headband! These are a fall must and I am so excited to wear these all the time! Here is the link: Headband Set

Y,all!!! These star joggers are a must. Today, they are only $12.60. I am so excited for these to come in so I can be super snugly. Anything cuddle season is an absolute must since it is about to get chilly here in NC!

Here is the Link: Star Joggers

This Makeup/Toiletry travel case is the perfect travel buddy. It is adjustable and sure to fit everything you need for a weekend away! It is $13.99! This is honestly such a steal and so cute! Link: Marble Case

This cozy olive sweater with striped arms was meant to be on Pinterest! This would honestly be perfect for any fall activity. Coffee, pumpkin picking, friends-giving, etc. $19.98 Link: Olive Sweater Top

If you don't have a makeup mirror, this is the one I recommend! I love the lights- they really help you to see what you're doing. I use mine regularly and when I travel. Hotel lighting really can hold you back! It is $10 Off, making the price $20.99. Link: Mirror

Designer dupe belt for the win. Current styles seem incomplete without a belt now a days. Order this one during Prime Day for only $7.19!!!

Link: Designer Dupe Belt

If you don't switch out your makeup up sponge, bless your heart!(as we say in the south) The build up and bacteria growth on these little guys is constant and super gross. It is critical to switch them out regularly. This set comes with 9 sponges and a holder. I love my sponge holder. It helps my sponge dry so less bacteria and what not grows! $6.79 Link: Sponge Set

This is the perfect casual dress for when you need to throw on something and look kinda nice, but you're not in the mood to put together a whole outfit. Just add booties and a jacket and you have a super cute and comfortable look that took 10 minutes to pull together! This is currently $20

Link: Essential Dress

Y'all, if you're like me, you always forget things. I love that this cute leather wallet can be attached to you key chain. This is helpful and on sale today! Only $6.49!

Link: Pink Leather Wallet

Lastly, If you know me you know I can't help but buy more socks. I am not sure why I love socks, but these are perfect for fall and boot weather so obviously I am going to get them. So if you need some- buy these today for only $13.59!!

Link: Sock Bundle

I hope you enjoy all of these Prime Day finds! Make sure to use my hashtag #styleupwithlauren if you buy any of these and post them on your social media!

Happy Shopping!

XOXO, Lauren

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