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3 Ways to Sell More on Poshmark!

As requested, I am going to share my tips to selling clothing on Poshmark.

Here are three steps you need to do to get sales quick.

  1. Post a quality picture. Laying something down and taking a picture of it is normally not enough, unless it is an extremely well known product. Buyers want to see the sizing on you, the quality of the secondhand product, and overall look of the product. I generally set a self-timer and find good lighting to snap these photos.

  2. Caption and description. A short clear caption will help people find the product once you post it on the app. The caption is also incredibly important. This needs to include the condition, type of fabric, and other descriptive elements. When I take the time to write a good description my items sell so much faster. I often include when I might wear the product as well.

  3. Thirdly, a competitive price is critical. Before I post, I always look up similar items and price within 10 dollars of the most common prices. If you price it too high it won't sell and if you price it too low you'll miss out on money you deserve.

Here some additional things I do to help items sell.

- I often have quality boutique clothing to resale. For these I tag "Lulu's" as the brand for the post to get more exposure. Make sure that you state in your caption that it is from a boutique to make sure you don't get in trouble with Poshmark.

- If I haven't worn it or only have worn it once I state that in the description. That makes the product more appealing to a buyer!

-Shoot the photos on square mode. Poshmark doesn't let you post any other shape. I always forget to do this and I end up having to retake photos.

- If something doesn't sell within a month drop the price by 5-10%.

-Pay attention to specials on Poshmark. They sometimes help you promote your products more if you put your items on sale.

- When buyers like your items you can send them a special offer which often helps make sales!

- When members make bundles of your items you can send them offers on these as well. I can't count the amount of times I have sold over 5 items all at once with this option.

-If you are selling things that weigh over 5 pounds YOU have to pay to increase the shipping and it comes out of your profit, so be aware that you could be responsible to pay extra for shipping if you sell heavy things or a lot at once.

-Follow people! The more people you follow the better because many will follow back. It will help more people see your things!

I hope this helps you with your Poshmark pages!

XOXO, Lauren

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