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5 Ways To Get Fashion Without Breaking The Bank

Y'all, with amazon and other online shopping options at our finger tips it is so hard to not buy things. So here are my tips to help you purchase styles you love without breaking the bank.

1. Budget

As a student studying to attain my master's in accounting, I can't stress this enough. While you should follow a guide for all your finances, setting a limit for online shopping each month is a good start. Look at how much money you're making and figure how much you need for necessities, savings, unforeseen issues, car/house payments, etc. Then give yourself a realistic budget.

2. Credit Cards are not your friend

Y'all!! 21% of Americans don't realize they have credit debt and 30% don't realize how much they are paying in interest. Making the minimum payment on your card each month is not enough. If you can't pay it off in the month you spent it- it should not be on your credit card. If you don't pay off your card in full when it is due you will be charged fees and interest. Obviously, life happens and sometimes we have to put an expensive car repair or a medical bill on it, but there is a big difference between necessities and wants. (No matter how badly I wish great fashion was a necessity!)

3. Sell What You Don't Wear

I am a huge advocate of reselling your clothing. I have done this through my Facebook page, but mainly my Poshmark account. If you don't wear it- there is no sense in letting it clutter your closet. Normally, I list things on Poshmark for 6 months and if they don't sell I bring them to Plato's Closet for one last sweep! Here is a special tip for that: when you take things to Plato's: cut out the little white tags under the main tag at the neck and the little white tags in the side seems. These are date stamp tags and if they say a date from over two years ago they automatically won't accept it. You're Welcome. My Poshmark Link: Lauren's Closet

4. Designer dupes

I have a blog post coming up on some awesome designer dupe items. Trends are constantly changing the belt/purse/jewelry that is popular now probably won't be a few years from now. Don't go into debt trying to buy everything designer, it is a waste of money. There are staple timeless designer items, but Gucci slides are just not one of them. (Budgeting and saving to get a staple designer item is totally do-able and awesome!)

5. Follow Fashion bloggers

Fashion Bloggers literally live to bring you the best things in fashion at the best prices! Sharing the sales and doing all of the deal hunting for you. I follow some awesome bloggers who I look up to, since I am learning the ropes. I encourage you to follow some fashion bloggers who have similar styles to you or styles you admire. The three above are girls I love following!!

I hope you enjoyed this read!

XOXO, Lauren

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