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This is the Average Gal's guide to all things style! Covering topics from clothing, makeup, hair tips, and so much more! Subscribe to stay up to date with helpful lifestyle posts! I have years of experience with hair and makeup, social media tips, beauty secrets, and so much more. I also plan to share helpful links to help you shop affordable fashion! Maybe even a few fun and easy family recipes. I have a lot of passions and they will definitely all be expressed on here. It's messy but fun- so if there are things you're curious about use the "Contact" form to request upcoming posts!
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6 Ways to Style Animal Print

Animal print is a must this season, but it can be tricky to get just right. I am going to share my top 6 ways to implement animal print...

Custom Men's Gift Guide

I love getting gifts from Etsy . Any chance to support a local artist makes my heart happy. Plus- they have the most amazing custom...

Koket Boutique in Raleigh

This is a hidden gem located in Lafayette Village in Raleigh, NC. The Address is 8480 HONEYCUTT ROAD, #118, RALEIGH, NC 27605 They have...

Nordstrom Rack Girl Gifts for Under $25

The gift guides have begun! I am so excited to share all the best finds with you! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the best gift...

31% off September & Co. until Midnight!

There are no exclusions on this sale and I am linking everything from my Semptember & Co haul from this month! Here is the link to the...


It is easy to make money on Poshmark if you follow these tips!

Abercrombie, Back and Better Than Ever

I am as shook as you are, but they are back with clothing thats cute and actually priced well! I am about to share some of my favorite...

Jean Jacket Look You'll Love

Style Up Ladies! Here is my outfit post! I am going to be linking all of the products so if there is something that you love you can buy...

The Jean Jacket is Back, Accept It!

In all honesty, I have had a jean jacket in my closet as long as I can remember. Even when they were not trendy. But right now jean...

Meet the Author ❤

Hello! I am so glad you're here! It has been on my heart for a while that I want to share my helpful life tips in relation to all things...


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