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The Duster Sweater

Y'all these are everything this season! I am going to share my favorite dusters I have seen. Of course, I love the one I am wearing from September & Company, however, it is already sold out(literally overnight!). That being said, I am going to share my other top choices with great prices. These long cardigans are adorable and so comfy! I love a look that makes you look dressed up, but is so cozy and comfortable to wear. I am going to share some of my top picks including a few

Amazon Prime Fashion and Beauty picks!

I wasn't going to post today, but I decided since it is Amazon Prime day, I would be the worst fashion blogger if I didn't share my fashion finds! To start: The hats we love, but weren't ready for. I love a wide brim hat now- but a few years back I NEVER would have put one on. Naturally, I was always more shy and a fashion statement like this is bold and scary! Luckily, I am past that now and rock this fall/winter look as much as I want! Click the photo or the link to purchas

Spooky, Cozy, & Cute

Spooky season is one of my favorites! Pumpkin Spice everything, the sugar cookies with pictures, and cozy clothing make my heart happy. Recently, I have been obsessed with fun fall t-shirts and sweatshirts. So I am sharing my top picks for cute spooky season tops you can order from amazon! (Read to the end for a super cute sock pack that I Love!!) The first thing I want to share is a cute pumpkin crew neck! This is so adorable and perfect for cozy season and only $22 and ship

Fitness Sets You Need!!

Y'all, if I see a cute fitness outfit with a good price 99% of the time I can't keep myself from buying it. I am going to tell you what I think the best brands are right now based on price and quality. I have worn literally every brand: Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, Alo, Gymshark, and more. I love all of those brands for different reasons, however, I have recently found great quality and priced work-out and "athleisure" outfits somewhere else. Where you may ask? I am obsessed with

The Jean Jacket is Back, Accept It!

In all honesty, I have had a jean jacket in my closet as long as I can remember. Even when they were not trendy. But right now jean jackets are a stable of my wardrobe, especially during summer/fall. They are the perfect addition for a cool summer night or a day of fall activities. I currently have two blue jean type jackets, one is light blue and the other is dark and tattered looking. If you follow my Instagram @lauren_walsh97, then I am sure you have seen them before. So h

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